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Four principles of light source selection for plastic color sorter

The optics of the plastic color sorter consists of a feed system, an optical system, a sorting system and an electronic control system, such as the five basic systems of the plastic color sorter mentioned above. Each system consists of many components, and the light source is an essential part of the optical system. It is related to the ability to distinguish between qualified and defective products and affects the effective removal of different colors and particles in the plastic color sorter.

1. The spectral energy distribution characteristics of the light source should meet the requirements of the measured object and be compatible with the spectral response of the receiver. If necessary, filters can be added to remove unwanted radiation. Through proper matching, the best results can be obtained with the least energy. This is not only a problem of energy saving, the excess energy usually causes unnecessary interference.

2. Luminosity characteristics. The polar coordinate distribution of the brightness and light intensity of the light source should also be selected according to the use requirements and the performance of the receiver. Generally, stronger light will help improve the signal-to-noise ratio and the processing of the electronic control system.

3. The shape, size and structure size of the light-emitting surface. Appropriate light-emitting surface shape can make full use of its light energy to make the measured object emit light evenly. The size of the light-emitting surface and the structural size of the light source will affect the structural size of the machine, which must be selected according to the overall layout of the machine, and can be customized to the manufacturer as required.

4. Other factors: whether the power supply system of the light source is complicated, whether it needs to be cooled during use, the service life, the convenience of replacement and the economy should all be taken into consideration.