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Used rice color sorter has been widely used

my country's rice output ranks first in the world. With the continuous development of social economy and the gradual improvement of material and cultural living standards, people's consumption of rice is moving in the direction of high-quality, functional and green rice. People are concerned about the accuracy and hygiene of food, and the requirements for the accuracy and purity of processed food raw materials are becoming more and more stringent. The application of second-hand rice color sorters has become very popular.

The screening of rice is different from the screening of other grain raw materials. After long-term research and analysis, people found that the difference in color and reflectance is the dividing point between ordinary rice and heterochromatic rice. Photoelectric colorimetry and equipment can be used to remove bad rice. After the technology is transformed into a product (Korean rice color sorter), it is widely used in agriculture, food industry, industry, mining and other fields to improve the quality of materials, increase added value and ensure the safety of food and use.

The purpose of monitoring the average working time before the first failure of the beige sorting machine is to determine the operating condition of the machine, measure the average working time before the first failure, check the location of the failure, and analyze the cause of the failure. The average working time test monitoring system before the first failure involves monitoring tribology, material science, mechanics, electric power, intelligent control, computer, chemistry and other disciplines;

Including mechanical manufacturing, metal structure, hydraulics, electrical and braking and other related professional knowledge, it is a comprehensive application of modern maintenance theory, related basic subject theories, and various inspection techniques and process methods. It is based on the actual situation of the equipment. Equipment failure monitoring technology is combined with computer network technology to establish status monitoring points on the equipment to collect equipment status data; establish a monitoring center to monitor the operation of the equipment. Realize remote fault monitoring, make equipment fault monitoring more flexible and convenient, and realize resource sharing.