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Are youDo you have a headache with the maintenance of the color sorter?
  • Solenoid valve leaks
  • The solenoid valve does not operate
  • Solenoid valve jet volume is small
  • Material splash
  • The solenoid valve moves frequently
  • The whole machine is basically not color selection
  • Color sorting quality is getting worse
  • The color sorter often shuts down
  • Air compressor failure
Core program brand color sorter

Focus on the development and production of intelligent color sorting equipment

Core program color sorter4 advantages

Work with you to create a brilliant future

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    Complete variety and wide application

    • A manufacturer of intelligent color sorter application products integrating R&D and production.
    • Good quality and affordable price, enjoy a high reputation among customers.
  • 02

    Made with heart, real materials

    • The unit has advanced equipment and complete testing instruments.
    • Strictly implement production in accordance with ISO9002 quality system standards to ensure quality and quantity.
  • 03

    Beautiful and practical, perfect experience

    • Mature supply chain system, from material supply to product delivery are strictly controlled.
    • Flexible supply cycle, timely solution to customer delivery time requirements.
  • 04

    Focus on service and sustainable development

    • Professional customer service helps customers select models before sale, and samples are guaranteed to be sent out 24 hours a day to guarantee customer engineering requirements.
    • All products have quality problems. If engineers need to be on site, they will arrive at the site within 36 hours.
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Core program intelligence——Professional color sorter brand

Hefei Xinxue Intelligent Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service provider specializing in the research and development and application of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and complete sets of intelligent equipment. Application areas include: AI agricultural and sideline food sorting, AI ore sorting, intelligent packaging, and intelligence Loading.

Hefei Xinxue Intelligent Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is continuously leading the technological upgrade of the color sorter market. Based on artificial intelligence image recognition and machine learning technology, after the launch of rice, grains, and tea color sorters, it has successively developed plastics, industrial salt, and coal. And other industrial intelligent sorting equipment. Expand the research and development of intelligent equipment products such as intelligent packaging and intelligent loading systems. The main products include all kinds of color sorting equipment such as rice color sorting machine, ore color sorting machine, multi-grain color sorting machine, peanut color sorting machine, tea color sorting machine, pepper color sorting machine, plastic color sorting machine, and seed sorting machine. , Nut sorting machine, metal sorting machine, quartz stone sorting machine, industrial solid waste sorting machine, etc., used in various fields. The products sell well all over the country, mainly to Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Hebei, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other places.

Intelligence changes the future, makes work easier, and makes life better.

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