Welcome to the official website of Hefei Xinguo Intelligent Vision Technology Co., Ltd.! Xinguo Intelligent has been deeply involved in the color sorting industry for 18 years, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of intelligent sorting equipment.
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Hefei Xinxue Intelligent Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service provider specializing in the research and development and application of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and complete sets of intelligent equipment. Application areas include: AI agricultural and sideline food sorting, AI ore sorting, intelligent packaging, and intelligence Loading.

Hefei Xinxue Intelligent Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is continuously leading the technological upgrade of the color sorter market. Based on artificial intelligence image recognition and machine learning technology, after the launch of rice, grains, and tea color sorters, it has successively developed plastics, industrial salt, and coal. And other industrial intelligent sorting equipment; expand and develop intelligent equipment products such as intelligent packaging and intelligent loading systems. With excellent quality and excellent service, our products are spread all over the world in many countries and regions. The main products include various types of color sorting equipment such as rice color sorters, ore color sorters, miscellaneous grains color sorters, tea color sorters, pepper color sorters, plastic color sorters, etc., which are used in various fields.

Hefei Xincheng Intelligent Vision Technology Co., Ltd. will abide by its mission, full of pride, adhere to the core values of "customer first, excellent quality, innovation-led, fairness and justice", and use technology and strength to gather strength to promote and lead the upgrade of the intelligent manufacturing industry. Practicing the mission of "intelligence changes the future, makes work easier, and makes life better"!