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How to effectively improve work efficiency of metal sorting machine

  Metal sorting machineHow to effectively improve work efficiency? As the name suggests, it is usually used for the classification of stainless steel materials. For example, car scraps, scrap steel scraps, etc. At the same time, these scrap stainless steel metals are relatively pure and single, so the price is relatively high.

It uses metal recognition as the classification principle, which is a physical classification method. This sorting method is not only faster and more stable, but also a sorting method without three wastes, conforms to environmental protection standards, and bid farewell to traditional inefficient and polluting sorting methods.

As an automatic equipment sorting method, the stainless steel sorting machine adopts plc one-key touch screen intelligent operation mode. This sorting method makes the metal sorting in solid waste easier, and whether it is a single sorting device or a complete assembly line scheme, it can be operated by one person or several people, thereby saving labor and cost.

Features of metal sorting machine:

Fast sorting speed: Compared with manual sorting and other sorting methods, the sorting speed is much faster. Through metal identification and processing within 1 second, the equipment can maintain this stable intensity output throughout the day.

High sorting accuracy: Stainless steel is sorted by the physical characteristics of metal, which is a better sorting method at present. The sorting efficiency is about 95%. After classification, pure metals can be sold.

Simple operation: simple operation mode is also more conducive to stable operation. At the same time, it can operate the function of short answer training, it is more suitable for various places and workers, and can be put into production faster.

The equipment is highly adaptable: In many respects, the equipment is highly adaptable. For example, it can adapt to different working environments; it can adapt to solid wastes of different complexity; it can also sort materials of different sizes effectively, and the size range of sorting is 10-100mm.

Visual window: Similarly, the equipment has a visual window and door opening and closing, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. It can control the equipment more intuitively, conveniently and accurately.