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How does the pepper color sorter work?

The pepper color sorter is based on the color difference of dried peppers and replaces the intelligent photoelectric identification and sorting equipment for manually selecting peppers. The intelligent system software that compares images in real time can calculate pepper parameters of different colors or shapes to achieve precise parameter settings. According to our requirements, the equipment can accurately select the flower skin, mold, markings, two red, handle and capped peppers in the dried pepper, as well as packing tape, cigarette butts, rice grains, soil blocks and stones and other impurities.

The core program intelligent electric crawler pepper color selector is mainly suitable for the production and processing of pepper products, such as whole pepper, pepper seeds, pepper slices and pepper powder. The core value is to replace manual precise and effective selection of pepper products to improve the quality of pepper products. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Product advantages

The core program intelligent electric crawler pepper color selection machine can better adapt to the characteristics of various pepper varieties, sizes, and shapes. Because the pepper is placed flat on the crawler of the crawler color sorter, and the crawler drives the pepper to move, the shape and size of the pepper have almost no effect on its moving trajectory. The camera of the color sorter can be accurately positioned to ensure the accuracy of classification. The chute machine uses gravity to slide the products along the aisle to the sorting area. During the sliding process, the sliding trajectories of peppers of different sizes and shapes are very different, so the sorting accuracy is greatly affected.

The intelligent special color classification software of Core Program can dynamically scan the selected materials in real time, find the parameters with the largest difference between the selected materials and set them, thereby effectively reducing or avoiding "missing selection" and "multiple selection". In this case, the selection accuracy of the selected material is improved, and the carrying rate of the selected material is reduced.

The core program intelligent wall photoelectric crawler pepper color sorter adopts a design of up to 512 valve nozzles. In addition to using more air, the classification accuracy is improved, the classification retrieval rate is reduced, and the work efficiency per unit time is improved. Reduced costs.

The benefits of machine belts

1. Increase income and improve the quality and grade of pepper products. The impurity in the pepper product selected by the pepper color sorter is directly removed, and the waste rate is as high as 99.99%, which is more than 90% higher than that of the traditional vibrating screen. The sorted peppers are of good quality and low in impurities, making them a high-quality pepper product.

2. Reduce production costs, replace labor with machines, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency.