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Maintenance of equipment parts of miscellaneous grains color sorter

During the working process of the multi-grain color sorter, especially the parts of the color sorting machinery and equipment, some of the damage will affect the normal operation of the whole color machine. For example, the multi-grain color sorter seriously affects the color selection effect and production efficiency. Therefore, the maintenance of color sorting mechanical parts is very important.

(1) Repair the color sorter for miscellaneous grains.

When cleaning the rice channel, please do not touch the rice channel with hard objects or sharp areas to avoid scratching the rice channel. For surface dust, you can use a dust-removing air gun to clean it. You can use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust on the rice trough, or use smooth chopsticks that have been used for a long time and wipe it with a cotton cloth.

(2) Maintaining and replacing the cleaning brush for multi-grain color sorter.

The cleaning brush must be replaced and calibrated regularly (1 time/3 months), otherwise the cleaning quality will be affected. If the accumulation of glass dust in the sorting room is too large, it will affect the color selection effect.

(3) Whether there is dust on the glass of the sorting room.

There is dust on the glass of the sorting chamber. You can use a cotton cloth to wipe, or you can dip a little alcohol on the cotton cloth. Before wiping, you can remove the meter selection board of the color classifier for easy wiping. It must be done when the air valve is closed.

(4) Maintain the touch screen.

When removing dust from the touch screen of the sorting machine, you can use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe, or use a cleaning air gun to gently blow the dust onto the surface. Do not use an air gun to blow directly on the surface of the touch screen to avoid excessive force and damage to the touch screen.

(5) Maintenance of the dual-cylinder filter and triple parts.

Both the double-pipe filter and the three-piece filter play a role of drainage and filtration in the gas path. Among them, the double-tube filter requires regular draining (1 time/4 hours), while the three-piece filter is fully automatic draining without operator management. However, the two parts of the filter cup need to be disassembled and cleaned with clean water regularly (once a month), and the two parts of the filter element should also be disassembled and scrubbed (once every six months).

(6) Clean the dust outlet.

The dust removal port must be cleaned regularly once a week to prevent the dust removal filter from being blocked by dust for a long time, which is not conducive to dust removal and affects the color separation effect. If it is serious, it will affect the service life of the color separator.

(7) Air compressor, air storage tank, filter drainage problem.

For these three types of drainage, a rice mill with a large production capacity must drain 3 to 4 times or more per day. Please deal with it according to the actual situation. After the winter production is over, special attention should be paid to the water in the air compressor, air storage tank and filter.

(8) Air valve maintenance.

The main consideration is that due to environmental dust, humidity, weather, etc., the solenoid valve core has foreign matter and cannot be sealed to maintain air leakage. Generally, there are two ways to solve the problem on the spot: A. Find out which nozzle is the leaking nozzle. The front nozzle port has undergone high-frequency testing, and B uses high-pressure gas to directly blow the solenoid valve.