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How to choose a quartz stone sorting machine

How to choose a quartz stone sorting machine? In the past two years, under the pressure of environmental protection policies, competition among mining companies has been extremely fierce. Only deep processing and fine processing of ore products and seeking quality breakthroughs are the way out. It will be particularly important to use a quartz sorting machine. In this article, I will show you how to choose a quartz sorter from the four main systems.

1. Photoelectric system

The photoelectric system consists of a light source, a background board and a sensor. The light source and the camera are the eyes of the color selection "robot". The higher the resolution of the camera, the more accurate the material judgment under the premise of the electronic control system, and the higher the accuracy of color selection. Therefore, when choosing a ore color sorter, you can ask the manufacturer's camera resolution and the light source used.

2. Electronic control system

The electronic control system consists of signal conditioning components, timing components and microcomputer control equipment. The electronic control system is the brain of the color sorting "robot", which is responsible for the unified analysis and conversion of the materials seen by the naked eye, and gives instructions to make the sorting system perform precise sorting. The software system is the key to determining the throughput of the color sorter. The software running speed is not enough and the processing speed cannot keep up, which will lead to the problem of reducing the output accuracy or increasing the output accuracy. When choosing an ore color sorter, you should ask whether the software is independently developed. In the experimental analysis, you should check whether the operation accuracy and speed can meet your own material requirements.

3. Feeding system

The feeding system is mainly composed of three parts: hopper, vibrator and chute. The most important part is the choice of the chute. At present, most chute color sorters on the market use hard aluminum alloy to make the chute. When choosing a chute ore color sorter, you must ask the manufacturer what material the chute is made of. You can ensure that the wear of the chute is within a controllable range, reduce the frequency of chute replacement, and extend the service life of the color separator. In order to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.

4. Sorting system

The sorting system of the quartz stone sorting machine is mainly composed of finished products, inferior tanks, spray valves and gas source. The sorting system is the two hands of the color sorting "robot". After receiving the instructions from the brain, it will instruct both hands (spray valve) to blow the defective product into the defective container to achieve the classification effect. When choosing the ore color sorter, you can see whether the injection valve is a six-in-one or nine-in-one injection valve or a single alloy valve. In the mass production process, the damage of the injection valve is caused by overload. In terms of durability, cost considerations and ease of replacement, valves are far inferior to alloy valves.