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How to maintain the seed sorting machine

How to maintain the seed sorting machine? In the cold winter, the temperature is low and the color sorter is not well maintained. Temperature may affect production. Without maintenance, the best machine will become a pile of copper scraps. Therefore, winterSeed sorting machineThe maintenance is particularly important.

The working environment of the seed sorting machine is usually very poor. The color sorter is a high-precision photoelectric integrated machine. If the color sorter is not well maintained, it will affect the work effect and service life. Next, the seed sorting machine teaches you how to maintain the color classifier in winter.

Check whether all parts are in good condition, whether they are loose, and clean all dust.

When the machine is working in a dusty environment, please remove the dust on the inverter, fan, motor fan, etc.

After daily production, you can use an air gun to clean the dust on the surface of the machine, the sorting room, and the lower hopper. Please note that the air gun cannot be aimed at the nozzle.

All filter equipment on the color separation machine must be drained frequently (at least twice per shift) to prevent various impurities from entering the core components of the machine, thereby damaging the machine and avoiding unnecessary losses.

Check the front and rear view mirrors every week, whether there are obstacles, whether there is soot, etc.; you can check the water spray valve to make sure the machine is running.

Use a dust removal air gun to clean the dust on the brush on the dust collector every week; check whether the brush runs once a month and whether it is loose and needs to be tightened in time. After using for a period of time, if you find that the soft and hard bristles of the brush are inclined to one side, you can remove the brush and turn it upside down to continue using it.

After the work is over, fill the air compressor with water every day to prevent freezing.

In order to ensure smooth production in winter, ensure the sorting quality of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine, Core Program Intelligence asks you to carefully read the winter maintenance knowledge of the color sorter!