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Introduction to the advantages of tea color sorter

Picking is an important process in the processing of tea color sorting machines. It determines the quality of the tea and affects the drinking effect of the tea itself. In the past, tea was mainly picked manually. There are undoubtedly many omissions and deficiencies. With the development of industrial machinery,Tea color sorterMechanical picking has emerged, replacing traditional manual picking. However, mechanical picking of tea color sorters cannot provide ideal picking results and has certain disadvantages. In the face of this situation, the development of science and technology has promoted the development of tea color sorting machines, which can be said to be a revolution in tea color sorting machines. It has many advantages in tea color sorting machine and improving work efficiency, and will become the main force of tea color sorting machine.

1. High picking quality

Thanks to modern CCD technology and computer-aided control technology, the ability to identify tea leaves, stems, tendons and other non-tea objects is greatly enhanced. Through fast video and computer-based individual color discrimination, the color classifier is sensitive to small color differences. The intelligent nozzle system can accurately remove tea grains and non-tea grains with different color differences. Ensure picking quality. Especially for tea raw materials with long, small and long round holes, the picking effect is quite ideal.

2. Unprecedented increase in work efficiency

It can overcome the shortcomings of various types of tea stem picking equipment in the past. The tea processing capacity of a single device can exceed hundreds of manual picking workers, which can greatly speed up the production schedule, increase the production capacity of the enterprise, reduce labor intensity, and improve the production environment.

3. Improve efficiency

Replacing manual labor can reduce labor costs; reduce enterprise production costs. Using this machine can ensure the quality of tea, reduce the rate of mis-picking, increase the proportion of finished tea, and increase the economic benefits of the enterprise. The rejection ability of the color sorter can be adjusted at will, and can be adjusted and controlled by computer software to obtain the ideal tea stem separation effect, which not only ensures the clarity of the product, but also ensures the interests of the enterprise. .

4. Easy to operate

The computer control system of the color sorter, the parameter programming touch screen, etc. are relatively advanced, the operation is also very simple, and ordinary workers can skillfully conduct short-term training.

5. Obvious social benefits

(1) Alleviate the difficulty of recruitment. Due to the current relative shortage of urban labor, the number of rural laborers who go out to work is relatively large, making recruitment more difficult, and the labor cost of enterprises is high. The use of color sorting machine can fundamentally alleviate the contradiction between seasonal heavy labor and intense labor in the refining process, and save a large number of pickers from simple and heavy manual labor.

(2) Improve production conditions. Modern production equipment makes the management of the enterprise simple and standardized, and the food hygiene level is greatly improved. The processing process is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and the production conditions are quickly improved.

(3) Transform traditional industries. The addition of high-tech products such as tea color sorting machines will also inject new vitality into the ancient and backward tea industry, drive the entire industry to continuously adopt new technologies, new processes, new materials, and new equipment, and greatly promote the development of the tea industry. . Upgrading of traditional industries. Substitution and technological transformation have played a good role model in the process of technological innovation in the industry.