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How to install the peanut color sorter

For any processing machinery, there will be installation requirements in the manual so that the machinery can work better, as is the peanut color sorter. There are also many requirements for the installation of the peanut color sorter. This article summarizes the very important precautions for installing the peanut color sorter to facilitate normal use in the later period.

1. Please install the beige sorting machine on a horizontally fixed non-vibrating platform and check the height of the machine. Use the level to adjust the level of the machine, the level is ≤2/1000mm. At the same time, the support structure is strengthened to prevent vibration or tilting impact color selection effect. Note: The four foot plates of the rice color sorter must be placed on the pillars of the platform! In order to achieve the best force effect.

2. Please do not install the peanut color sorter in low temperature, high temperature, humidity and dusty places. Try to keep the ambient temperature of the peanut color sorter within the range of 0-40°C.

3. Please avoid installing the peanut color sorter in an environment with strong electromagnetic interference, such as electric welding, high-frequency emission, etc.

4. Please avoid installing the peanut color sorter in places exposed to direct sunlight and strong lights.

5. In order to prevent electrostatic interference, iron pipes should be used for inlet, outlet and exhaust pipes, non-metallic pipes should be avoided, and good grounding is required.

6. Please avoid installing the peanut color sorter and high-power equipment on the same power line to prevent the high-power equipment from starting suddenly, otherwise it may cause the power voltage of the beige sorter to drop too much and affect it. The normal operation of the peanut sorter. Note: The power supply of the peanut color sorter must use a separate power circuit.

7. The rice collecting funnel of the beige sorting machine must be hung to ensure that the rice collecting funnel will not squeeze the entire beige sorting machine when storing rice, which will cause the beige sorting machine to deform and stress due to long-term unevenness and affect the color selection effect.

8. There must be enough space around the operating platform of the peanut color sorter for operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, etc. Generally, leave a space of 60cm or more.