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How to operate and use the ore color sorter reasonably

How to operate and use the ore color sorter reasonably? For any equipment with good performance, regardless of its operating level, it needs to be based on better installation conditions. Before discussing the use of the equipment, it is necessary to briefly explain the installation of the color classification equipment.Ore color sorterThe installation must be carried out in accordance with the technical regulations for customs clearance.

(1) The ore color separator must be installed as a whole;

(2) The ore color separator should be installed in a place where there is no vibration. There is a funnel above. It cannot be directly connected to the hopper. Prevent heavy pressure;

(3) Do not purchase and install color separators in the sun. Places where the luminaire can be directly exposed, especially sunlight. If it is unavoidable, install curtains in a sunny place.

(4) Do not install the color sorter in places where the color is hot and dusty. The surrounding temperature is usually -4O℃;

(5) If possible, install it in a separate room to install air conditioning.

(6) A fence should be installed at the interface between the color sorter and the upper bucket to prevent debris or particles from entering the color sorter. Affect the separation effect;

(7) When the air compressor is installed in a place with a lot of dust and strong judgment, it should be equipped with special filters, main filters, air filters, oil mist separators and other components. life.

(8) If the local air condition is poor. When the compressed air temperature is still below 0°C, an air dryer should be installed in the compressed air system, otherwise the internal filter element will freeze and damage the machine.

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