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What are the advantages of pepper color sorting machine

Chili peppers have very high nutritional value and are a common ingredient in every household. Although peppers have many advantages, only good quality peppers can take advantage of their advantages. Chili needs to go throughPepper color sorterSorting can only enter the market.

The sorting of the core-program smart pepper is a deep processing process. The core-program smart pepper color sorter can accurately select the bad garlic and impurities in the garlic. After garlic passes through the peeling machine, there will be a mixture of peeled, unpeeled, peels, stems and other debris. All of these will affect the price of garlic rice entering the market or the grade of raw materials directly used as downstream products, so it must be classified.

The core program intelligent pepper color sorting machine replaces manual labor, greatly improving production efficiency and higher sorting accuracy. In terms of production cost and efficiency, it uses its original garlic color sorting algorithm and the core software system independently designed by Wall to achieve Exactly remove, bring out the small.

In terms of product quality, from the selection of raw garlic, to the selection of semi-finished garlic, and the selection of finished garlic, the functions of black selection, spot selection, etc., foreign materials and impurities are eliminated, and the whole process of high-quality selection for the enterprise is realized. .

The core program intelligent pepper color sorter reduces the waste of raw materials for garlic enterprises, greatly reduces production costs, improves production efficiency, brings greater benefits to enterprises, and helps more garlic enterprises to solve sorting problems.

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