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How does the ore color sorter work?

The core program intelligent ore color sorter is a high-tech product. It integrates light, machine and electricity. It uses the principle of photoelectricity and uses high-resolution sensors to identify and reject the raw material ores. The core program intelligent ore color sorter is mainly used to sort the different frequencies of the reflected light waves of materials of different colors between qualified ore and separated waste rock or minerals.

The core program intelligent ore color sorter is widely used in the color sorting of potassium (sodium) feldspar, quartz stone (sand), barite, limestone, and tungsten and manganese ore. It adopts a crawler structure, which has the characteristics of low take-out ratio, low damage rate and high sorting accuracy. It can be used for dry or wet sorting.

The core program intelligent ore color sorter can screen out concentrates with high purity and uniform color to improve ore quality and at the same time classify ore grades.

The ore color sorter, quartz color sorter, potash feldspar color sorter, calcite color sorter, barite color sorter, and calcium carbonate color sorter products produced by Core Program intelligently are all over the country, due to its high color sorting accuracy. , With large output and strong stability, it is favored by the majority of ore companies.

In the ore industry, if you want to improve product quality, you must choose a high-quality ore color sorter. The core program intelligent ore color sorter has advanced technology, reliable equipment quality and high stability, which is your excellent choice. Welcome to contact us.