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How does the peanut sorter work

Peanuts are one of the common foods in life. They contain many elements necessary for the human body, and can play a role in strengthening the body. They are often called "longevity fruits".Peanut Color SorterCan effectively do the screening work.

Peanuts need to be sorted before they enter the market. The peanut color sorter can sort short buds, half grains, frozen grains, mold grains, yellow rust grains, oblong grains, etc. through one-button intelligent control and precise separation. The selection effect saves time and cost for the enterprise.

The core program intelligent peanut color sorter has low damage rate: the advantage of low damage rate is especially suitable for the sorting of peanuts and other foods, which greatly reduces the loss of customers.

The core program intelligent peanut color sorting can be wet sorted: water and oil peanuts can also be sorted. Crawler-type color sorting machine has high sorting accuracy and can meet export requirements.

The core program intelligent peanut color sorter can not only choose peanuts, but also peanuts. You can choose long grain and round peanuts. Color classification and selection will bring you an accurate and fast classification experience.

The core program intelligent peanut color sorter reduces the labor cost of the enterprise, helps to improve the production efficiency and production quality, greatly reduces the paper output rate and the breakage rate, and improves the sorting accuracy.

Core Program Intelligence will stand at the forefront of the industry, faithfully serve every customer, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and create greater value for customers!