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Analysis on the value of rice color sorter

In the past, rice processing and production still used manual hand screens. The increase in food production has also increased the demand for agricultural machinery from agricultural producers. Rice color sorter technology has also become a top priority. What is the purpose of the rice color sorter?? Let us find out. What is the value of the rice color sorter?

Rice tends to deteriorate during storage. Some of them will turn into yellow rice. What is yellow rice? Yellow rice contains harmful ingredients. There is no difference in physical properties between yellow rice and white rice, and traditional methods cannot eliminate these differences. The difference in color and reflectance can only be used to remove heterochromatic particles mixed in the rice. The equipment used for this purpose is called a beige sorter.

The rice color sorter is specially developed and produced for rice processing. It has a significant effect on white grains, light yellow, black spots, moldy rice and other heterochromatic particles. The device is equipped with hundreds of millions of high-definition pixel cameras to collect images of incoming products. Intelligent identification, careful selection, the net selection rate is over 99%, and the step-by-step arrangement is cleaner and more thorough.

The system compares defective rice impurities with raw material images, and accurately sorts out blackheads, water yellow, white abdominal particles and other heterochromatic particles and other impurities in the rice. The difference between high-quality and low-quality products effectively improves the quality of high-quality rice. Quality and nutritional benefits. Improve food quality and protect people’s health.

Wireless tablet remote operating system: The only beige sorting machine equipped with a wireless tablet in the industry, with a more user-friendly operation interface, easy to understand, and easy to update and maintain the system program. The tablet computer is at hand, and the machine can be easily operated without the need for a nearby machine, without worrying about the production plan. High-brightness, long-life LED light source: no need to replace the light source, it can meet the requirements of a variety of materials and colors, different colors to choose materials and different colors. Coarse grains are mainly exported as coarse grains to increase the added value of food, promote the development of the grain industry, increase my country's grain exports, and at the same time promote the adjustment of my country's agricultural institutions and increase farmers' income.

Reduce imports and save foreign exchange. In the past, my country's rice color sorting machine mainly relied on foreign imports, and the cost of each was high. With the continuous improvement of my country's rice color sorter's research and development and production levels, domestic color sorters can already be self-sufficient. Therefore, the country will reduce and save a lot of foreign exchange every year. In addition, more importantly, we have mastered this technology ourselves, which is very convenient for most users and allows more grain processing companies to use color sorting machines.

The use value of the rice color sorter can not only improve product quality, economic and social benefits, but also help companies take the route of high-quality products and create their own brands. Whether it is from the perspective of meeting consumer needs or from the perspective of long-term development of the enterprise, the current domestic rice manufacturers will add color sorters as an important indicator of improving product quality.