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How does the industrial solid waste sorting machine exert its efficient function

In the solid scrap metal recycling industry, metal materials that need to be classified are often encountered, such as scrap steel, broken automobile electrical appliances, burning slag tailings, industrial solid waste, etc. These metals contain metals and contain many impurity materials. Although the nature of most scrap metals has not changed much and still has a high reuse value, this is usually because the impurities in the solid waste affect the recycling value, resulting in these metals being sold at very low prices or sold directly. In fact, using current technology, how the industrial solid waste sorting machine performs its efficient function can solve this problem well.

Then, how to choose the industrial solid waste sorting machine and how to perform its efficient function for metal separation.

Such as the classification of car scraps, car scraps may contain non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other impurities. For materials containing these metallic colors, we can use "stainless steel sorting machine" and "eddy current sorting machine" for sorting. These two devices can effectively separate non-ferrous metals in solid waste, such as stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Depending on the material, the separation efficiency is about 95% and 98%, respectively. After separation, they are relatively clean. The value of metal is very high.

Before purchasing equipment, we need to understand the efficiency of equipment classification. Although watching a classification video can easily understand the classification efficiency, it is best to bring your own materials to see the classification efficiency. Select the effect. Only in this way can we grasp a more realistic situation and see if we can achieve the expected results. At the same time, equipment can be pre-deployed to suit the properties of the material.

Before purchase, we will also provide the production and process plan of the classification plan, and provide the general description and classification requirements of the site for understanding.

Another big issue when choosing equipment is cost. Using current technology, how the industrial solid waste sorting machine with good sorting effect can exert its efficiency and function does not need too high cost. Under normal circumstances, only a cost-effective sorter that needs to focus on practicality is sufficient. If there are higher classification requirements, the practicability of the equipment should also be considered. The additional attributes of some devices are greater than their practicality. Such low-cost equipment is undesirable.

How to solve the unsatisfactory sorting effect.

Sometimes, poor classification results are not just a problem of classification equipment. It may be because the material is more complicated, or the sorting method is incorrect. At this time, auxiliary classification equipment is needed to assist classification. up.

For example, uneven feeding will result in unstable sorting strength. Overload and low load will affect the sorting efficiency. At this time, a chain feeder can be used for feeding. Its uniform material conveying characteristics can make the sorting equipment stable and have good sorting strength; when there are a lot of light objects in the material (such as dust, wool, sponge, etc.), although the efficiency is not enough, sometimes there is no need to add the sorting equipment. Picking equipment. At present, we only need to add an air separator. In terms of cost, it can also make the sorting effect better;