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Introduction of precautions for use of plastic color sorter

As the use of plastic color sorting machines becomes more and more common, it is not surprising to encounter plastic color sorting machine failures, and various plastic color sorting machine problems continue to appear. Faced with such a dilemma, how should we avoid the occurrence of failures of plastic color sorters?

1. Matters needing attention before using plastic color sorter

(1) The machine should be installed on a level ground without embedded anchor bolts.

(2) The machine should be installed in a separate isolated room (air conditioner is recommended), and it should not be installed in a place with low temperature, high temperature, humidity and dust.

(3) There should be no ground vibration at the installation site.

(4) The machine must be installed in the final selection process (that is, after polishing or fine grinding).

(5) In order to prevent strong electromagnetic interference on site and nearby, must the user's self-connected intake and exhaust pipes and exhaust pipes use iron pipes? Plastic pipes and other non-metal pipes are forbidden, and the grounding is good.

2. Open the box and check the plastic sorter

After receiving the machine, be careful when unpacking to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine parts, and check the integrity of the parts and equipment.

3. Mechanical installation of color sorter

The machine should be installed on a sturdy platform with railings or on a hard ground (the platform is 1.6 meters above the ground), find the level, and adjust the level of the machine to a level of 2/1000mm or less when adjusting the level. There should be a passage around the machine for operation, inspection and maintenance. According to the specific situation of the site, the upper water inlet corresponds to the user's water inlet pipe, and the flow regulating plate and storage box should be installed on the water inlet pipe. Please note that do not press the feed pipe on the feed hopper of the machine, otherwise the processing capacity will be affected.