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Detailed introduction of the structural components of the seed sorting machine

What are the structural components of the seed sorting machine? At present, with the popularity of seed sorting machines, when purchasing different seed sorting machines, we need to consider their structural components and understand their functions. This will help us save cost and time, and better choose the best seed sorting machine. This article introduces the various components of the seed sorting machine in detail so that they can have a deep understanding of it.

1. Feeding section: It is composed of feed hopper, feed port, vibrator, etc. The feeding device is connected with the frame through an anti-vibration spring. The selected material slides down into the channel through the hopper, inlet and vibrator.

2. Passage: It is composed of inclined and fixed aluminum alloy slide rails, and the selected materials enter the sorting room evenly through the slide rails.

3. Sorting device: It is composed of two sorting boxes at the front and rear. The camera, light source, reflector and other parts are located inside. From here, the signals of each channel are collected and processed, and then transmitted to the main controller.

4. Electrical box: Most electrical components are installed in a sealed box behind the machine, which is an important part of the machine. It is responsible for controlling the work of electrical components and controlling the injection valve to complete the color selection process for removing impurities.

5. Blowing device: controlled by the main control board, water spray valve board, valve line and water spray valve are used to remove unqualified materials.

6. Receiving hopper: It consists of a receiving cavity and a receiving tube. The receiving tube receives qualified products, and the receiving room receives unqualified products.

7. Frame structure: composed of brackets.

8. Air supply system: It is composed of filtration, decompression and air pressure display. It is an indispensable part and provides qualified compressed air for the entire machine. When the air pressure is lower than a certain value, it will automatically alarm and stop working.

9. Heating device: It consists of a heating film behind the glass slide, and is controlled by an air switch and a temperature control switch in the electrical box to make the channel work at an appropriate temperature.